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Goodbye Web 1.0

At work I was asked to find a few quotes on setting up a blog and wiki website including hosting. In doing this I learned how drastically things have changed in the last few years. It seems to me that the attention of the masses has been refocused to the collection of weblog sites being referred to as the Blogosphere. These new “Web 2.0” websites are involved with mass collaboration and they allow for self determination of privacy.  Websites that fail to provide a means for the readers to collaborate together and be part of the conversation are quickly being forgotten. Also people are quickly losing patience with websites that fail to provide integration with related services. The 2.0 world in all about integration. Some examples are available in the article discussing the term Mash-ups.

So I am officially saying goodbye to the world of siloed, static, informative, read-only, web 1.0 websites.

Goodbye Web 1.0!


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