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Before you do anything else… BUILD YOUR NETWORK!

There is a difference between Hype and owning your own channel. If you can build something around which people will gather, then you have something special. You are a lot better off in projects if you already have the network of people that you need to be able to accomplish the task. So build the network first. It will support you when your down and make you happy when you’re up. Network also dissipate over time. People move away, die, blah blah blah, so always be working on building “tribes”.   You give people something that matters to them and around which they can gather, and then you will be able to use these people when you say, “I’m going to make a movie!”

The channel of tomorrow or those where you can talk back.
Create stuff that is visible and indexable. This will be the same thing as hiring someone to work for you 24/7.

You become and insider by building or becoming part of a tribe. Insiders get forgiven for their mistakes, so you want to be an insider.

Differentiation is a process, and go about separating yourself from the “traditional” thing and set themselves apart from the crowd. Then you become the leader.

Being a human artist. This can be accomplished by pattern breaking. Give an unusual answer to the questions you are asked. Ask questions that are not the typical questions. Creativity is when the brain tries to make connections in ways that it has not previously done. So get smart!

Fear. Fear of change, trying something new. You (group 0) can be motivated by the fact that you have influence to more than just the people you know(group 1). You also have influence to those that they know (group 2) and group 3.  Movement increases the propensity for movement.

When we stop experimenting and learning the world stops growing for you.

A great example of all this how Arnold Swartzenegger became the Governor of California. Millions of people watched him save the world over and over and over again. So people are obviously going to trust him and stand behind him.

For more information about this topics I highly recommend the book

Trust Agents
By Julien Smith and Chris Brogan

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