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Measuring popularity using twitter trendy topics


5 of 10 on Nov 3rd

If it were not for Megamind  the resignation that was announced today by Gordan Campbell, the Premier of British Columbia, would have reached first place on the coveted twitter trendy topics list. And while this resignation definately stirred up quite a buzz boasting 5 of the 10 trendy topics, it failed to have any staying power. By quitting time the same day, only the one topic remained and had dropped to forth place.

When you want to have your media content get to the top and stay there for more than a few hours, you need to think about the differences between these two situations. 

Here are some points to consider in the first example with the movie Megamind:

  • Anticipation – The movie is due out for release on November 5, two days from now.
  • Preview Trailers – Exciting teaser content released
  • Social Media Share icons – The website that is hosting the content provides the users with links to twitter, and facebook in order for them to “like” the content or comment about it and share it with friends or followers.
  • Functional purpose for returning to the site – to buy tickets
  • Additional rich features,
    • Interactive games
    • Free iphone app
    • Free iphone desktop backgrounds
    • Facebook Application – Click for a chance to win various video games consoles
    • 31 page comic book – viewing online or available PDF download, also shareable through Facebook, Twitter or email
    • Interactive Video creation tool to add you face onto a character and create a custom video, also shareable.
  • Links to tickets purchasing sites

Compare this to how the resignation of Premier Campbell was shared.

Of course I’m not suggesting that a resignation is something that you want to broadcast like you do a movie. These are just two examples used and the results show the different outcomes.

If you want to hit the top trends with staying power, you need 

  • lots of interactive media,
  • free content, and
  • to enable social media sharing.
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