Fake it till you make it

“Fake it till you make it”, the well used mantra of many eager beavers in the business world, is truly making it way into the mainstream. Every new wave of technology brings new concepts, tools, and devices. What are you going to do? Do you admit that you don’t have a clue? Do you take an uninformed stand against the “useless technology fads”? Or do you fake it long enough that you eventually learn the new technology?

If you don’t fit into any of the these boxes, then you  are probably starting to rethink high level concepts, and question high level processes driving the economy. I myself have recently had such an awakening.

Consider some of the trends that are ongoing right now:

  • Green Economy (more 1, more 2)
  • Work Less, Less Stuff, More Life (more 1, more 2)
  • Universal Health Care
  • Clean Coal
  • Bike to Work

The problem with “Fake it till you make it” for these topics is that you are assuming that the outcomes of these initiatives are going to be beneficial to you in the long run. I am going to try not to just learn how to use the new devices that come out. I think as citizens we have a greater responsibility to demand products that have lasting benefits to the countries we live in.

Lately I have been finding it truely difficult to find information on these latest trends that is not biased heavily by economical or political agendas. Lately we hear so much about climate change and that it is fact. I tend to agree with the evidence that supports this claim, yet their are apposing arguments also based in science that make a logical case for the contrary.

So my struggle is about who to beleive. I think I would have more confidence in praying about who to believe that to try to sort out all the evidence myself. The citizens deserve transparancy, but companies and entrepeneurs also deserve to make a profit off the green economy. I heard a lot of talk about “Green Washing” and how add a shiny “hybrid” decal to the back of their high-end luxury automobiles. While the company as whole continue to get more efficient at producing more and more products. For example, technology has continually made cleaner and cleaner types of fuel. Wood, Coal, Gasoline, etc… but with the advancements came the ability to produce more and more of that product. So the goal to be cleaner was thwarted by the goal to produce more. Is Clean Coal just another chance to produce more? I think it probably is.

I think we need a culture change not another technology revolution.


A MS Office Groove Presentation

Groove Presentation

Creativity is like Fireworks

There can be planning…
There can be the right people involved in the design…
There can be a captive audience…
There can be rave reviews and loads of applause…
The whole project can be perfectly executed…
When the last Spark falls and fades the crowds disperse, and the creativity ends with nothing but a clean-up project.

So how do we avoid this scenario?

I would like suggest a few things that should happen in conjunction with your creativity efforts.

  1. Don’t stop the fireworks show
    • If you keep the creativity going or keep the Sparks flying, then you will be sure to have a steady flow of new and returning visitors
    • Stopping the fireworks show can be as detremental to the health of your organizational goals as a severe draught can be to a marshland
  2. Record everything,
    • Artist’s depictions
    • Photographs
    • Movies
    • To avoid having a perfect Spark rise a fall, then fade without anyone noticing, all of the creative ideas needs to documented and organized
  3. Take advantage of multiple perspectives
    • A fireworks show is a dynamic 3 dimensional display
    • There are an unlimited number of perspectives that can taken to view the show
    • Each perspective will take in a different set of colors, sounds and spatial motions; also each person will hear a different set of comments about the show as it is happening
    • If 100 people attended the show and you only had one person record the event from a single perspective then you are going to miss capturing 99% of the show
  4. Allow the formation of groups and communities to discuss ideas
    • Groups that have a level of autonomy will be motivated to produce unique solutions in order to receive the rewards of producing positive outcomes
    • Groups give individuals a sense of belonging and provide a safe environment to build confidence, inspire and motivate
  5. Provide a means for coordination between groups to find linkages and opportunities for them to work together
    • Those who attend the meetings for more than one group will often find that discussions are similar
    • They share information from one group in the meetings of the other
    • At a higher level groups can provide notes on their meetings up to a central group for review
    • The central group could work to build additional linkages where none currently exist naturally
    • The central group could also provide other support through funding, training, facilitation, guest speakers, and the dissemination of information
    • The central group may also have their own ideas to work on that may be more strategic in nature
  6. Provide tools and techniques for groups to use
    • Arrange for skilled facilitation of groups meetings
    • Those who are trained in brainstorming methodology, or who have taken courses on innovative thinking, appreciate that these sessions can go wildly off the rails at times
    • Setting some ground rules and outlining the various methods for a meeting will make the outcomes of achieve better outcomes
    • This will create an environment where participants feel welcomed and respected
  7. Let the small, medium, and large ideas be discussed at the right level of the organization
    • Large ideas are not necessarily the expensive ones; they can just be the ideas that affect a large number of people or processes
    • The small ideas might only affect a couple people but they can be extremely important
    • The challenge is to determine how small or large your idea is and to get together the right group of people to discuss
  8. Let the rubber hit the road
    • Ideas don’t need to be perfect before they can implemented
    • Continuous improvement can’t begin until an idea moves to the implementation stage

Great New Solutions, but no one will use them…

A few days ago I posted a great idea on a forum. The idea received some positive feedback that is was a good idea, that it could have some good potential, and that it could really solve some issues.

The last comment that I received however gave me a wakeup call and I am so glad for it. The comment was that they agreed my idea was great, but that they had tried something similar and were having trouble because individuals didn’t want to bother using the new solution. The potential benefits could not be realized.

So the moral of the story is to always try and remember that the first questions to ask when you think of a new idea is

  1. Does it look fun?
  2. Will people enjoy using it?
  3. Will it provide lasting value to the people who use it?

These questions will give you an idea of whether people will want to start using your new solution, whether they will not quit using it shortly after starting, and whether they will return to use again and again for a long period of time.

The definition of Web 3.0

I recently had a conversation with someone on what exactly web 3.0 is? It is quite a funny thing. Before I tell you my opinion on it I want to know what you think.

Analyzing the Blogosphere… how?

I saw a video yesterday (link) that spoke about how much information is being generated in today’s information age.  More information is getting generated annually than has been created in the previous 5000 years. It is kind of halarious, and also a little  bit of a problem. How will his enormous amount of information ever be analyzed?

I have been working on a blog that will be public and will gather feedback on political issues. The information that we collect will need to be analyzed. Meaning each comment will need to be reviewed and then tagged and categorized. Are there any WordPress widgets currently available that will make it so I can tag and categorize blog post comments?

What is the future of IT?

IT Trends Video

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