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You Can’t Eat a Tweet

Taking a look at a picture of someone sleeping on the street, and then writing a blog post about it may raise awareness about the issue, but that person is still sleeping on the street. From another perspective there are many people going about a doing good in the world but who are failing to spread the word about it. The result being that they lose opportunities to have others join their cause and build off of the momentum and inertia that they had already created.
Chronic HomelessnessSocial media allows for discussions to occur, ideas to be created, and information to be shared. We need to leverage the networks that we have established trust within and call people together to find and implement solutions to today’s problems. With planning and coordination, we mobilize thousands of people to action.

A tweet alone may not end up putting food on people’s plates but, failing to invite others to be involved will certainly limit the impact to what only your two hands can do alone.

So go on Pinterest and add a picture about planting a vegetable garden, then go plant your garden. Go on your blog and write an article about the funding raising need at the Children Hospital, then do some funding raising.

When we work as individuals, operating in a silo, our efforts fail to benefit from the coordination factor. But as a group you can harness great power as we all come together to make an improvement in each other’s lives.


A MS Office Groove Presentation

Groove Presentation

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